Aldeia do Folgosinho - Serra da Estrela

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the small village of Folgosinho has its streets garnished with popular poems and surmounted by the Castle, which was built with white-rosy quartz stone,thus having a unique beauty, and is located at about 933 meters above the sea level. Other monuments such as the 16th Century Main Church, the Pillory, Cerro das Forcas where the old gallows of the village was located, Outeiro’s archaeological site or the traditional fountains of the village, such as Pedrão’s Fountains make Folgosinho Village a destination with unique historical records.


With a magnificent view, the village rises in a great mountain range bathed by three streams, revealing the surrounding nature and also unveiling neighbouring cities like Mangualde, Celorico da Beira, Viseu and Guarda.


The highest mountain range of Portugal mainland  "Serra da Estrela” offers a variety of radical sports, such as ski and snowboard, but also fishing, hunting, horseback riding and of course several walking trails through the stunning beauty of the landscape. The river Mondego offers beaches, walking trails that will allow to be close to nature to its pure essence. A visit to the Ecopark in Gouveia is an opportunity to appreciate the local plant life.


Unforgettable soul-warming flavours. Folgosinho "decorates" its tables with the traditional Chanfana, the roasted goat and several pork, goat and lamb dishes. Nationally and internationally recognized restaurants and taverns attract the tourist’s most discerning palates. The mature wine from the Douro region accompanies regional flavours best. "CasaQueijo da Serra" and curd are typical regional delicacies. Rice pudding, fried cakes, pumpkin fritters and desserts are the delight of locals and visitors.

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